The Multi User Simulated Tournament Ruled Occupation(MUSTRO) 2 is a construction kit for
fantasy swords and sorcery style role playing games. Right now it is in late development
stages. What does this mean? The kit is compilable and is being tested. In other words
there are bound to be some bugs.

What is provided by MUSTRO?
Using MUSTRO's creation interface many normally tedious develop and design problems are
solved without having to look at or understand programming languages.
The "construction" package includes creation support for characters(people),
creatures(artifical intelligence), maps(including all options that a space in the virtual
world may possess), items(unequippable items, weapons, armor, food), skills, and
spells. MUSTRO allows you to tailor all of these things to fit your needs and after
developing everything you can start up the world and begin a multiplayer adventure.

Where is MUSTRO going?
That depends on any developers that decide to expand the code that composes MUSTRO.
This is an open source project, so all of the code is available for free to
anyone who wants to take a look under the hood. What does this mean for the
user of the application? It means that in time there may be many unique MUSTRO
kits. With their own unique skills and spells, creatures, virtual world, etc.
It is my hope that MUSTRO will have unique functionality, but the same easy
to use interface so that the users will be familiar with all rpg's created with

Contact Information
If you have any questions, comments, or bug reports feel free to e-mail the
creator of MUSTRO using 
Matthew Farhat

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