The user interface is controlled using the keyboard and mouse. The keyboard commands
are accessed by clicking on the button "Keypad"(or anywhere as long as the cursor isn't
in a text field or text area). Here are the actions provided by the keyboard:
  'a': Attacks with a physical attack(hand/s or weapon/s) the creature which is closest
       to the character performing the action in the direction the character is facing.

  'm': Toggle on/off the music.

  'ARROW_UP': The character will move in the direction that it is facing if nothing
              is blocking its path.

  'ARROW_DOWN': The character will reverse the direction it is facing(example: if
                the character is facing north then after this the character will face south).

  'ARROW_LEFT': The character will make an eighth of a turn left(example: if the character
                is facing north then after this the character will face north-west).

  'ARROW-RIGHT': The character will make an eighth of a turn right(example: if the character
                 is facing north then after this the character will face north-east).

The rest of the commands are accessed by using the mouse. Mostly by using either mouse button
to click a button, menu item, or list item. There are a few commands which are specific to
mouse's left or right button(this is when clicking on the map displayer).

The Map Displayer:
  The map displayer is the display on the computer monitor where all things which exist
  in the virtual world are seen(characters/creatures moving, castles, roads, etc).
  By clicking on the map displayer several things can be done as follows:
    One Left Mouse Click: The selector changes to the position that is clicked and
                          actions which can be performed are displayed in the action

    One Right Mouse Click: The selector changes to the position that is clicked and the
      character does a physical attack(hands or weapons) on the target clicked.

    Two Left Mouse Clicks: There are times when the game will ask the person playing for
      a target as a result of skill/spell use or ordering a creature to move to a location.
      If this is the case then the double mouse click will specify the target.

The rest of the commands available to the character are accessable through buttons, menu items,
and list items. Most of them are self explanatory, but a few of them will be explained now:
  View Skills: Used to view skills that the character has learned and also to select the
    character's fast skills list.

  View Spells: Same as View Skills except spells instead.

  Use Fast Skill: Done by clicking on a skill in the fast skills list.

  Use Fast Spell: Same as Use Fast Skill except spells instead.

  Stop: All skills/spells take time to concentrate on before actually using the skill. If
    Stop is clicked before concentration is finished then concentration is stopped and the
    skill/spell is aborted.

  X: West to east position

  Y: South to north position

  Details: Get details on the block selected using the Map Displayer.

  Attack: Attack the location selected using the Map Displayer(it must be in reach).

  Keypad: While this button is selected the keyboard commands are accessable.

  Affected By List: Lists the affects the character is affected by(through skills/spells).

  Obstacle Action List: A left double click with the mouse in the Map Displayer accesses
    the action options that are available at a certain location. These options are placed
    in this list and then the character may select these options by clicking them in this

  Attack Mode/Explore Mode: These buttons toggle between attack mode and explore mode.
    In attack mode the Map Displayer portion of the screen is much larger, but only
    essential options are available and the option area is more compact.

  Option Menu: Provides extra options.
    Logout: Stop playing the game.

    Inventory: See what the character is carrying and has equipped as well as details on
      those items.

    Statistics: View the character's physical/mental talents.

    Notes: Write notes. Opens a notepad which can be used to store information.

    Options: Opens up a panel which offers more options.
      Rest: Allows the character to decide whether to stand, rest, or sleep.

      Focus: Not implemented.

      Ignore: Lets the character decide who to ignore.

      Combat Technique: Decide combat posture(some are more effective and exhausting
        than others).

      Order Creature: Order a creature who is under the character's control. Not implemented.

      Yield: Instant death.

      Delete: Delete this character.

    Teleport: Move a creature to a new location. Restricted to characters with administrator

      self: Moves the character clicking this menu item to the new location.

      other: Moves any creature to the new location. Restricted to the master character only.

    Manage Admin: Manage administrators. Restricted to the master character only.
      Add Administrator: Give a character administrator clearance.

      Delete Administrator: Remove a character's administrator clearance.

      View Administrator: Show a list of all characters with administrator access.

    Backup: Forces a backup now(rather than wait for the 12 hour periodical backup). Restricted
      to characters with administrator clearance.

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